About ShortAttentionSpanMovies

ShortAttentionSpanMovies features freestanding short films, in a clean, concise time frame. More and more viewers are turning to the web for entertainment, but don’t have the time or patience to sort through cat videos or late night clips to find good content. ShortAttentionSpanMovies has done this for you.

We will provide expertly curated short films, with a beginning, middle and end, that run roughly 8 minutes.

ShortAttentionSpanMovies respects the art of story telling, and looks to provide a quality and consistency that stands apart from other short film sites. We provide content that does not require a “precursor.” Our films are not clips, nor serials, nor news stories, but rather, short stories.

All content on ShortAttentionSpanMovies is free, but we ask that you kindly patronize our advertisers.

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